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Finding an invisible user on yahoo December 9, 2006

Posted by Azeem in yahoo!.

Many people nowdays prefer to stay offline while using Yahoo! Messenger – mostly done to avoid someone. There are many ways of finding people who are online but yet invisible.

First Method: Doodle Method

1. Double Click on the user whose status you want to check.
2. A message window will open.
3. Click IMVironment button, select See all IMVironments, select Yahoo! Tools or Interactive Fun, and click on Doodle.
4. The last step and the most important step. After loading the Doodle IMVironment, there will be two possibilities.
a) If the user is offline, the Doodle area will show “waiting for your friend to load Doodle” continuously.
If the user is invisible (actually online), you will see the Voice Toolbar.

Third Method: Conference Invitation

1. Right Click on the user whose status you want to check.
2. When the menu appears, select Invite to Conference.
3. A window will appear. See at the right pane, the username you selected will be there. Now, click Invite.
4. The deciding part… there are 2 possible results:
a) If the user is offline, you will get this message: “None of the users in the invite list are available to join the conference. Please try at a later time.”
FPRIVATE “TYPE=PICT;ALT=cool.gif” If the user is invisible, you will get a window similar saying: “You are now logged into voice conference – ”

Fourth Method: Buddy Spy

1. Get Buddy Spy from http://www.buddy-spy.com
2. Go to configure and enter your login details.
3. Now go to Buddy Spy option and enter the username you want to track. You can also check multiple ids also.
Not only Buddy Spy tells the status of Chat but also Room Chat and WebCamera status of that user also!
4. You can edit other options through Scan Options menu.

Now Have a great chatting!