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Sorry People June 11, 2007

Posted by Azeem in Uncategorized.

Havent been able to update my site since a long time.
I m sorry fot tht.
Please visitors do me a favour and Tell me wat u people need as comments.

Anti Virus,softwares,music,videos,funny videos,ebooks,Hardwares info
,Accesories,Mobile fones and softwares,Market rates etc???

U name it..i vl post it for u.

Please comment.



1. Asif Khan - July 7, 2008

i would like to know that if i am chatting with some one and i want to get the lan ip of the person’s computer how do i get that. i have tried many softwares but eqch and every softwares or by command prompt i get net ips but i would like to know the lan ip which mostly begins wth 192.168.***.** so please help me also inform me when u will be online so that we can have a chat my email address is asifkspace-asif@yahoo.com waiting for your reply thank you

2. goldi - May 9, 2011

Hi i want to change specific one laptops wall paper within lan connection without effecting others
can you please help me

3. ARIF RAO - February 11, 2012

hi.. i need a useful SEO training .. thanks full to you if you email me.

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