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Speed up ur XP February 13, 2007

Posted by Azeem in System.

msconfig: Go to start, run “msconfig” without quotes. Click on startup tab. Uncheck the startup programs that are unwanted eg.dap,idman,msnmsg,realplay,qttask,realsched etc.
if u want U can disable all the programs,it wouldn’t effect the normal functioning of ur system. Then click “ok” n restart ur system. When the system is restarted a confirmation msg is displayed click ok again.

Clear startup: Go to start, programs, startup and delete all the programs present in it, these are only shortcuts so don’t worry while deleting.
Tip:- add ur favorite playlist to startup…go to “start, run, programs, startup” usually its empty, right click and paste ur playlist there n vo’la.

Less Desktop Icons: Delete all the icons of programs u don’t use regularly. Lesser the number of icons, faster is the desktop.

Minimum no. of processes: This should be done manually. Open the task manager and end the processes which are not system processes i.e., end the user processes. This method really helps speeds up ur system.

Sound displaying: Go to control panel, sound, select sounds tab ,in sound scheme select no sound scheme, do not save the pervious scheme. The unnecessary sounds which use up a lot of ram are disabled thus enhancing your ram.

Disk Cleanup and Defrag: Go to start, programs, accessories, system tools and run disk cleanup and defragment once a month.


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