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Download and Convert YOUTUBE vdos February 23, 2007

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Speed up ur XP February 13, 2007

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msconfig: Go to start, run “msconfig” without quotes. Click on startup tab. Uncheck the startup programs that are unwanted eg.dap,idman,msnmsg,realplay,qttask,realsched etc.
if u want U can disable all the programs,it wouldn’t effect the normal functioning of ur system. Then click “ok” n restart ur system. When the system is restarted a confirmation msg is displayed click ok again.

Clear startup: Go to start, programs, startup and delete all the programs present in it, these are only shortcuts so don’t worry while deleting.
Tip:- add ur favorite playlist to startup…go to “start, run, programs, startup” usually its empty, right click and paste ur playlist there n vo’la.

Less Desktop Icons: Delete all the icons of programs u don’t use regularly. Lesser the number of icons, faster is the desktop.

Minimum no. of processes: This should be done manually. Open the task manager and end the processes which are not system processes i.e., end the user processes. This method really helps speeds up ur system.

Sound displaying: Go to control panel, sound, select sounds tab ,in sound scheme select no sound scheme, do not save the pervious scheme. The unnecessary sounds which use up a lot of ram are disabled thus enhancing your ram.

Disk Cleanup and Defrag: Go to start, programs, accessories, system tools and run disk cleanup and defragment once a month.

Good news for FTP surfers February 8, 2007

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Soon i will post the biggest FTP sources u can ever find on the so called “World Wide Web” February 4, 2007

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7th Portscan
Angry IP Scanner 2.21
Anonymity4Proxy 2.8
Buzz Bomber
Cracker Ass Cracker
CrackIt SE Final
CurrPorts 1.02
Dab 3.0
DialuPass 2.43
E-Mail Crack
Hell Devil
Intervene 3.0.44
IP 2 Country 1.0
IP Attacker
IP Inventory 1.1
Mad Cracker
Magic-PS 1.5 SE++
Mail Bomber 9.1
Mail PassView 1.30
Passware Kit Enterprise 7.1.1411
PDF Password Recovery 2.2.0
PDF Password Remover 2.2
Plisten 1.1
RAR Password Cracker 4.12
Smart-PS 1.3 Full
Smasher 5.0
SUB7 2.1 Gold Edition
SUB7 2.2 Farsi Edition
Y!Tunnel Pro 1.3 Build 264
Yahoo! Crack Tools
Yahoo! Mafia Booter
Yahoo! Spy

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Hide any drive on ur system February 4, 2007

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If u r having any material like important docs and u r afraid about it . Dont worry, windows XP provides (not officialy ) a utility by which u can hide urs one or more drives.

Here is the step by step procedure how to hide any partition/drive :

1. Go to Start > run > type “diskpart”.
A DOS window will appear with following discription.

2. Then type “list volume”

The result will look like : ——

Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info
————— — ——– —- —— —- —— —-

Volume 0 F CD-ROM
Volume 1 C Window_XP NTFS Partition 7000MB Healthy System
Volume 2 D Softwares NTFS Partition 8000MB Healthy
Volume 3 E Songs NTFS Partition 8000MB Healthy

3. Suppose u wanna hide drive E then type “select volume 3”

Then a message will appear in same winwods { Volume 3 is the selected volume}

4. Now type “remove letter E”
Now a message will come { Diskpart Removed the Drive letter }
sometime it requires the reboot the computer .

Diskpart will remove the letter .Windows XP is not having capabilty to identify the unkown volume.

Your Data is safe now from all unauthorised users.
To access the content of hidden Drive repeat the process mentioned above. But in 4th step replace ” remove” to “assign”
i mean type “assign letter E”

Never hide C:/ drive…