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A Funny Interview Experience December 18, 2006

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“Rank your knowledge of data modeling from one to 10, one being a beginner and 10 being Ted Codd”.
“Who the hell is Ted Codd?”, he asked. “I’ve been doing data modeling for 10 years and I’d rate myself a nine”.
OK, tell be about normalizing relations”.
“You mean like Nixon done with China?”, he asked.
“No, no, first, second and third normal form”.
“Yeah I know those.”
“Great” I thought, we are finally on track. “How is 2NF different than 3NF?”
“Oh, I don’t know those fancy definitions, and they don’t matter anyhow. I do it all the time, in the real-world, not in theory”.
“Ok, then describe the characteristics of a 3NF data model”
I’ll never forget his reply because it was exactly, word-for-word, the same as the U.S, Supreme Courts definition of pornography:
“I can’t describe it, but I know it when I see it”.



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